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How Does The Time Bank Work?

Each member’s hour is of equal value
Provide a service to earn hours and spend your hours
on services in the network

Use the time bank website to keep track of transactions
Members make it work by:
  • Clarifying and agreeing upon all the details before a service is performed, such as transportation time (if any) the approximate amount of time required, who provides what materials

  • Having a driver's license and insurance, wearing seat belts and driving safely when transporting someone

  • Using due diligence in researching the competence of a service provider 

  • Being patient, open-minded and appreciative

  • Respecting each other's privacy, home, property and valuables 

  • Respecting each other's religions, beliefs, politics, parenting styles and personal boundaries

To get started:
  • Apply for membership

  • Create your profile

  • Attend an orientation (you will be contacted by an orientation team member)

  • Browse the website and think about the requests and offers you could make

  • Sign up for our mailing list

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