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Family Support 2020

The Sebastopol area time bank is conducting Year 2 of piloting a new offering for families with babies born in the last 12 months to receive free support. This Family Support pilot program is looking for up to 10 families who would like to receive the gift of help from members of our time bank community.


The vision of our project is  to contribute to the health of our community by supporting families with young children.


Who we are seeking:

  • Families who reside in the greater Sebastopol area with a baby born in the last year.

  • Someone willing to receive support with non-intimate tasks such as running errands, grocery shopping and delivery, pet walking/care, garden/yard tending and meal preparations from one of our time bank volunteers who are specifically interested in supporting new families.

Families will receive support 1-2 times per week for sessions of 4-6 weeks:

Session 1: February/March support

Session 2: May/June support

Session 3: August/September support


Time line:

  • Interested families will complete an easy online questionnaire and be matched with a time bank member.

  • You will become a member of the Sebastopol are time bank (it's really great!)

  • The two parties will decide on a schedule for the session.

  • Families and their respective community supporters will be connected 1-2 times per week.

  • After the 4-6 week community support session ends, the participants will complete a short feedback form.

After each session, we will review and learn from our previous experience. Then, we will offer this program perpetually in our community so new families can receive valuable well as create more community connections and friendships.  

To learn more and rsvp for the next orientation, please email


If you are interested in enrolling, please fill out this form.

Can you lend a hand to a young family? 

Members of the timebank are supporting PARENTS as they adjust to life with a newborn. Here's what they have to say about the pilot:


  • I think this is an AWESOME offering for new mamas. This weekly support has given me some more space to take a breath and I feel held and supported through the practical support of home tending. As that is the piece that builds up as a mama of two. Just to be able to go for a walk with my kiddos and come home to a clean kitchen before I begin dinner prep has been so helpful. I am very grateful to be receiving this help.

  • Thank you! We are feeling very supported! And inspired to get involved with the time bank

  • I am very grateful, we really need the help!

  • I LOVE my family! They are all so sweet and it makes me happy to help them. 

  • Wonderful experience, thank you!

  • This is a very sweet & necessary idea for our and any community. 

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