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Frequently Asked Questions

Is time banking like bartering?

No.  Barter involves assignment of monetary value to services that are exchanged between two parties.  Time banks value every hour equally and those hours are exchanged within the network.  

Are time exchanges taxable?

The friendly exchange of favors is not taxable.  

Can I trust the other time bank members?

It is expected that members will use their judgment about service providers through the time bank as they would any other service. We have found that timebanking builds trust.  

What if I am unhappy with a service?

We suggest you do what you would do if you had paid for a service in cash: express your opinion and work out a solution.   It helps to clarify and agree upon all the details before a service is performed, such as transportation time (if any), the approximate amount of time required, who provides what materials.   

Who can participate in the time bank?

Adults 18 years or older who consider Sebastopol their community.   

Can businesses and nonprofit organizations join? 

Some time banks do have business members but our time bank is for individuals and nonprofit organizations. 

What protections are in place to protect the time bank and its members from liability claims?

Members sign a waiver to hold the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center, the City of Sebastopol and other time bank study participants harmless.   

What skills can I offer to the time bank?

Many people wonder what they might offer to earn hours in a timebank.  Attending the orientation helps because people share their ideas.  Soon you are thinking like a time banker! 

We've put together a little inventory sheet that you can print out or look at online as you think about the things you might need.  Walk around your house with the goal of identifying those tasks that perhaps aren't urgent but would be nice to get done.  Think about the things that might make life a little easier, more fun or more interesting.  

Make a list - you will likely discover a few of your own skills along the way! 

Click on the button above to download a fillable Inventory of Needs for your home!

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