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The results are in!  Our pilot participants said it best... 

Being part of the time bank made me feel more connected to the community here. 

I got my work done and made friends. 

I felt happy that someone thought I had something of value to offer and I was very happy to think that I was part of making this program work. 

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In a very short time, our participants found many ways to help each other, from gardening to drafting house plans and from sewing to helping someone finish a carpentry project that just kept getting put on the back burner. They cooked, they cleaned, they drove, they hauled, they advised, they taught, they learned.  They were just getting warmed up and creative when the time was up and the study was over. The good news is those who made exchanges all had great experiences and want the time bank to carry on.  

We learned about how to make the time bank work, both administratively and technologically and now we are opening up the time bank to new members! For information on joining the time bank click here.

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