What Services Are Exchanged?

"For...6 months I was watching movies on my 5 by 7 inch iPad. And then...it hit me...I could get somebody from the timebank to get me connected again!" 

- Ellie, who has logged over 150 hours of exchanges

Ellie, one of our supertimebankers, delights in finding ways to make the best of timebanking!

What Could You Request?

What Could You Offer? 

Think about all the things you like to do, wish you could do or do regularly anyway.  

  • Do you love to make things and help others learn new skills? 

  • Could you give someone a ride to the airport bus?

  • Can you share the things you've learned while tracing your family tree?

  • Would you like to help someone figure out how to use a new phone or tablet? 

  • Are there never enough parties for you to plan? 

Use our form to take an inventory of needs and assess the ways a timebanker could help you.

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