Needs don't make you needy

I was talking to a friend about a phenomenon that is common to all time banks: the reluctance to ask for help. Most time bankers are givers; they enjoy helping others and are usually pretty self-sufficient. That's great but if no one in a time bank needs anything, those givers have no one to give to! That's the end of the time bank.

So my friend started listing things he could use. They were very simple things. Anything involving a ladder. Sewing on buttons. These things don't always take a lot of time but he just doesn't want to climb a ladder and balance the light fixture while he's unscrewing it anymore. He can sew a button on but he joked that there would be blood. It would be great if someone else would do it. It's unlikely someone would think to post an offer to sew on a button but if you ask, many time bankers might jump to the rescue.

Sometimes a job is just a whole lot more efficient with two people and finding that second person to do the job isn't easy. Inspecting an irrigation system can be done, painfully and slowly, by yourself but you can get it done faster (and save water!) when one person is at the controls and the other is looking for leaks.

No one at my house volunteers for that job!

When thinking about what to request, I find an easy way to narrow it down is to think about those jobs I've been putting off. It doesn't matter if it's sewing on a button or decorating for a graduation party - there's a time bank member who will simplify your life. Just put it out there!

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