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Ready? Set. Go!

The Sebastopol Area Time Bank opens in early October, just when we start thinking of all the things on our to-do lists for the holidays.

Why wait to start thinking about how the time bank can help you?

I'm thinking back to Halloweens past, when my kids looked to me for costumes - the scariest part of Halloween for me. (Yes, we have time bankers who sew!)

Once you get started, it's hard to stop dreaming up ideas.

I'm looking at my tiny office, which could use a make-over. (Yes, we have a time banker who organizes!) I'd like to get out of town for a couple of days before life starts getting busy. (Yes, we have house sitters, cat sitters, dog sitters!)

And we have cooks among us! Cooks!


Go ahead, dream. How about adding a few singers to your holiday party? When you join the time bank, you receive hours for the time you spend in the registration process: attending the orientation, filling out your profile and posting your first offer and request. You can start out with a balance of 5 hours.

You can start receiving the benefits right away! Receiving is important because by taking someone up on a offer to help, you are actually giving that member an opportunity to earn hours.

We've been getting ready and now we're set to open up to new members. Now it's your turn. The first step is to sign up for an orientation here.

Get ready, because help is (gladly) on the way.

Get set for the holidays.

Go for it!

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