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Grand opening!

October has been grand! The Time Bank A-Team outdid itself reaching out to those who call Sebastopol home, and the folks who have joined up are an inspiration. If you are just learning about the time bank, you might wonder who we are and what kinds of things we do.

We are your neighbors and the things we can do will surprise you. I can't walk down the street without thinking about all the hidden talents behind every face I see. Someone in the time bank can help you with basics, gladly, but we offer much more than that. As a community we seem to be on a quest to help each other live more fully and overcome obstacles. For example, are you on a restricted diet? There are people in the time bank who have made an art form of creating delicious foods you can enjoy. Are you looking to meet new people or wanting more social connections? Join the time bank and you'll be busy meeting the most interesting people around. Need help writing an article or a book? We have published authors who can offer to be your editor. Do you like to sing? Help another time banker practice his or her accompaniment skills. Want to learn salsa dancing? Cheese making? Knitting? How about help with social media? These invite specific, terrific skills one of us can happily offer.

It seemed like Sebastopol was a perfect fit for a time bank when it was just an idea a couple of years ago. Now it's a reality. We are building community one hour at a time.

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